Local Foods Event Follow-up Meeting Scheduled

On Wednesday, March 26th Sustainable Slippery Rock and Northwest Pennsylvania Growers Cooperative co-sponsored a very successful event, “Green ’14: Building a Local Food System in the Slippery Rock Area.”  More than 80 people attended to view exhibits, sample tasty snacks and interact with individuals and organizations who are involved in growing, distributing and consuming local, sustainably-produced foods.  During a facilitated discussion segment, participants contributed their ideas to envision a strong and viable system that provides that food.

If those who attended learned something new, connected with someone who has a similar interest, or found a resource that will be helpful to them, then we have met part of our goal. To maintain the interest and enthusiasm generated during that event, we invite anyone who is interested to continue the process that was started, by attending a follow-up meeting of Sustainable Slippery Rock.

The meeting will be held this coming Friday, April 4th at 7:00 p.m. at the Ginger Hill Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s building at 174 South Main Street, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. (Located just behind the main row of buildings along the west side of Main Street.) The agenda will feature a summary of the ideas generated during the facilitated discussion and look ahead to some next steps to moving further toward that vision.  Updates will also be given on Sustainable Slippery Rock’s plans and future events.  For more information or answers to questions, e-mail Sustainableslipperyrock@gmail.com