Mission Statement

Sustainable Slippery Rock (SSR) is a network of people who are interested in promoting true sustainability within the Slippery Rock region, and to contribute thereby to global sustainability. By ‘sustainability’ is understood the relationship between human and natural processes and activities that promotes the well-being of all parts of the eco-system so as to maintain both the continuation of individuals according to their natural life cycles and improving their living conditions, and the continuation and improvement of the social and ecological systems of which those individuals are a part. Since the satisfaction of human needs involves some degree of use of the natural environment, we hold that it is important to satisfy those needs in a way that minimizes destruction of other parts of the eco-system and, where possible, enhances the living conditions of all those parts.

Specifically, Sustainable Slippery Rock has recognized the following areas of special concern expressed by its participants:

  1. the development of the website sustainablesr.org for facilitating networking among individuals
  2. the promotion of educational policies and practices that enhance the understanding of sustainability
  3. the promotion of sustainable food production/distribution within the region
  4. the enhancement of recycling efforts
  5. the promotion of sustainable construction/retrofitting of buildings
  6. the promotion of sustainable energy production and use
  7. the advancement of understanding regarding sustainable approaches to health/medicine
  8. sustainable management of resources, including land, forests, and minerals in the region
  9. the remediation of current unsustainable practices in the region
  10. the creation of an intentional community based on sustainable development
  11. the promotion of sustainability research.

This list is open to the inclusion of further concerns as expressed by participants.

SSR meets monthly and is open to all persons interested in pursuing its goals. While the region it serves is primarily within a 15 mile radius of the Borough of Slippery Rock, it welcomes those living outside that region who have such interests and seeks to form partnerships with those in other communities/regions with these interests. While its organization is fundamentally egalitarian, so that any participant may initiate discussions and actions according to her/his own light, its activities are coordinated by a committee of individuals living in the region, including the calling of meetings, maintenance of the website, announcements, and coordination of work groups. Work groups may be formed in line with any of the various interests indicated above.