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What you’ve always wanted to know about recycling in Butler County!

green_recycle_symbolOn October 20th Sustainable Slippery Rock hosted a meeting with a program by Sheryl Kelly, Butler County Recycling and Waste Management Coordinator. Sheryl offered a general overview of recycling in the county and answered many questions. In an effort to share this information, here are links to documents that provide details about what, how and where to recycle various items.  (Residents of other counties also will find these useful.)

1. 2014 Butler County Holiday Recycling Guide: A guide to how to recycle those items we tend to acquire more of, or that are especially related to the holiday season.

2. Hard to Recycle Guide 2014: A comprehensive document that lists recycling and drop-off locations, reuse centers, and general information for many hard to recycle items.

For 2015 a full schedule of collection events is being developed for collection and safe disposal of items such as electronics and household hazardous waste materials.  To learn more about recycling and disposal programs in Butler County or to contact Sheryl with questions, check out the website of the Department of Recycling and Waste Management.